Prepare Your Child With What to Expect on Their First Day of Kindergarten

Prepare Your Child With What to Expect on Their First Day of Kindergarten

Kids have different personalities, some are confident and fearless and others are a little more cautious in new situations.  It can be hard to judge how your child will react on their first day of kindergarten.  Some will love the experience right from the beginning while others will be hanging on to mom.  Either way it is good to prepare your child with what to expect on their first day of kindergarten.

Let Them Know Well in Advance

You’re going to want to let them know well ahead of time so that your child has the chance to get used to the idea of being in school.  Make it very casual, you don’t need to make a big deal of the situation.  You can  make the whole situation very casual as if it’s part of the normal routine, as it actually will be.  You can tell them about the fun things that they will have the chance to do while they are in kindergarten.  Some children may get excited while others will be far more cautious but it will reassure them that they know what to expect.

Arrange Playdates

If you are the primary caregiver for your child and they are used to being with you all the time you are going to want to arrange some play dates so they get used to being without you.  They will need to get used to playing with other children and learning things like how to share.  You may want to arrange a babysitter from time to time so they adjust to having a different adult in charge.  All of them will help your child to adjust to kindergarten when the time comes.

The First Day

When the time comes to bring your child to school you can encourage them to bring something from home to take with them on their first day of school. It can be something like a small stuffed toy or something small that can fit into a backpack.  It is just a small thing that can give them added comfort if they feel lonely or scared.

Your child may get stressed, that’s perfectly fine but don’t embarrass or punish them for it.  This is a big change and trying to force them to participate will only make things worse.  It’s okay for them to have these feelings, you can sit with them for a little bit until they are calmer.  Talk to the teacher, your child is not the first child to be anxious.  The teacher can help them with distractions and inviting them to participate.  Don’t worry everything will work out fine.