Life Lessons Your Child Will Learn In Kindergarten

Life Lessons Your Child Will Learn In Kindergarten

If you think back to kindergarten some of the lessons you learned have stuck with you through to your adult life.  As your children get ready to go off to kindergarten they too will learn some of these lessons.  Here are some of the important things you learn in kindergarten that your child will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Learning to Share

As an adult living in a family you are used to sharing and you do it without even thinking about it, you share your space, you share experiences you share food and clothes.  But as a 5 year old then sharing is a pretty foreign concept.  Learning to share your blue crayon or your favorite truck is a fundamental skill you will definitely need later in life.  Here is how kindergarten teachers show your kids how to share.

Clean Up Behind Yourself

This one doesn’t always stick but it’s in kindergarten where you will learn to pick things up and put them back where they belong.  You learn that your life can be less stressful when you clean up after yourself.

Good Hygiene is Everything

Kids pick up viruses all the time in kindergarten, but this is also where you get the basic education on cleanliness and prevention.  Your kids will learn to wash their hands regularly, sneeze into their elbows and to be careful of germs.

“The Golden Rule”

Treating others the way you want to be treated is something else your child will carry with them.  No matter where life takes your child or the career path they choose treating others with respect and kindness can carry them a long way.  Everybody wants to be treated with respect.

Learning to Listen

Learning to listen when someone speaks all starts when children listen to their kindergarten teacher, they will be the first of many teachers they learn to listen to.  That skill will carry them into the job market and help them with all kinds of relationships.  Listening when someone speaks is a valuable skill that starts in childhood.

Take a Nap

Your child may not enjoy this part of kindergarten but as adults, naps are awesome.  It’s not just about having a nap but learning that rest is important.  Getting enough sleep is key to good living, right up there with exercise and a healthy diet.


As adults we often forget or take for granted the life lessons that we learned back in kindergarten.  They are more important than we give them credit for.  This is an important place in your child’s development, remember to embrace it.